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Born in 1983, Margaux Ogden is an American abstract painter. Ogden received a BA from Bard College in 2005 and a Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Arts from Brandeis University in 2010. She then went on to receive an MFA in Painting from Boston University in 2012.

In her Bathers series, the artist takes inspiration from the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome, where she spent three months as the Abbey Fellow at the British School in the fall of 2021. “As is often the case with my work, I’m searching for a gesture or glimpse into art history or contemporary life (a line cribbed from a Japanese woodblock print; a bit of text from a personal letter) and then using these fragments to build out a system of abstraction,” says the artist. As an ongoing series, Bathers takes as its genesis a shape from a floor mosaic at this ancient bath house. These mosaic traces, which are abstracted over the course of the series, lay the groundwork and create the spatial and formal logic for all of the paintings in the series.

Today, the artist lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.