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David Bates: Nudes


Born in 1952 in Dallas, Texas, David Bates earned both his B.F.A. and M.F.A at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He also attended The Independent Study Program at The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York in 1977. His work is characterized by a lively, bold, uniquely American style. His sculpture mirrors the block like strokes found in his paintings. As always, across all mediums, Mr. Bates remains true to his distinct style. This exhibition featured an array of sculpture and paintings by the artist. Using his command over a range of mediums, David Bates unveils his celebration of nudes. The paintings consist of bold outlines in white on dark surfaces, tracing the female figure from his unique perspective. His sculptures, like his paintings, bring character and life to the static figures. Done in bronze, the sculptures are dark in color and betray the complex curves and structure of the women he depicts.