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Press Release

Roy Lichtenstein

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, and Prints

October 19 – November 13, 2004


This exhibition, entitled Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, & Prints, will examine a selection of Lichtenstein's work from its forty-year career.


Lichtenstein, along with Robert Indiana, James Rosenquist, and Andy Warhol created and developed the American Pop aesthetic in the 1960's. Using his stylized combination of primary colors, black outlines, and dots of color (used in commercial half-tone printmaking), Lichtenstein often worked with comic strip imagery, bringing quotidian culture into the realm of high art. He also enjoyed using art history as subject matter, referencing masters such as Monet and Picasso. Lichtenstein continued painting, printmaking, and sculpting until his death in 1997.