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Press Release

Berggruen Gallery is pleased to present Polyphonic, a group exhibition of recent works by Minku Kim, Nicole Mueller, and Marie Thibeault. The show will be on view from May 2 through June 13, 2024. The gallery will host a reception for the artists on Thursday, May 2, from 5 to 7 PM.

Taken from the Greek, polyphony means “many sounds,” used in musicology to describe music in which two or more distinct melodies are performed synchronously. Seizing this choral term for the visual arts, Polyphonic unites three contemporary abstract artists—Minku Kim, Nicole Mueller, and Marie Thibeault—to showcase the simultaneously disparate and intersecting dialogues put forth by abstract art, where arrangements of geometry and gesture speak to, and collide at, unique intervals of visual form and discursive intention. The exhibition examines each artists’ work individually and as parts of a orchestral whole, encouraging spectators to link and consider their dynamic relations, paradoxes, and reciprocities. Their concerns are both formal and social: Nicole Mueller’s paintings explore color through prismatic blooms and bursts, placed alongside the delicate stability of Minku Kim’s Sarang series. Meanwhile, Thibeault’s works investigate the tolls of climate change through effusive detonations of color and texture. Together, their works fuse in an astonishing entanglement of beauty, discord, and exegesis.

Polyphonic, May 2 – June 13, 2024. On view at 10 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. Images and previews are available upon request. For all inquiries, please contact the gallery by phone (415) 781- 4629 or by email