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By reworking the surfaces of found books and printed matter,Jonathan Callan investigates the inherent physicality of a text. While many artists create works on paper, few actually make the physicality of paper a central subject in their work. Jonathan Callan is such an artist, as he not only makes works on paper, but also explores the physical limitations of the material. Callan is known for his range of innovative techniques for transforming paper into a powerful sculptural medium. His applications range from slicing and chipping, to extruding silicone through paper. In Callan's work, displacement plays a multiplicity of roles. In his two dimensional work his subjects are often compositionally displaced in the picture plane, but rather than adding forms onto the page, Callan removes the content around his subjects by sanding the image away like a fading memory. Jonathan Callan lives and works in London and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. His solo exhibitions include Kudlek Van der Grinten, Cologne 2008; Grusenmeyer Gallery, Deurle, Belgium, 2007;and the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, 2005. Callan is included in numerous collections including The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The British Museum, London, The Henry Moore Institute, South London Gallery,London, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester and The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.