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Diana Al-Hadid is a Syrian-American artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Her sculptures take towers as their central theme, drawing together a wide variety of associations: power, wealth, technological and urban development, ideas of progress and globalism. Al-Hadid constructs forms that are a baroque complex of architectural structures and figurative allusions which appear to be in a state between construction and deconstruction. She re-interprets a variety of common sculpture materials, such as cardboard, wood, plaster and metal to create sculptures that are simultaneously dense with material yet seemingly ethereal and gravity defying. Many of Al-Hadid’s newer pieces blur the boundary between sculpture and painting.

Al-Hadid attended Kent State University where she received her BFA and later attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she received her MFA in sculpture. Notable solo Exhibitions include, Akron Museum of Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Nasher Sculpture Center. Al-Hadid has also shown in numerous Public Collections, which include, the Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art, Judith Rothschild Collection.