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Alexander Gorlizki was born in London in 1967 and studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic, followed by an M.F.A in Sculpture at the Slade, London. A British native, Gorlizki currently lives and works in New York. Gorlizki's works on paper originate from an obsession with Indian Miniature paintings - a tradition that he has subverted and applied to his own particular visual language. In the mid 1990's he opened a studio in Jaipur, India with Riyaz Uddin, a master painter with a perfect command of technique that goes back over 600 years. Gorlizki draws out wonderfully odd subjects, patterns and compositions that Uddin then paints with jewel-coloured pigments, stone colours and gold leaf with a single hair-tipped brush to create works of breathtaking intricacy. When not working together in the studio, drawings get sent back and forth to be modified and adapted between New York and Jaipur, often over a period of years.