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Nathan Oliveira, associated with the Bay Area Figurative movement led by Richard Diebenkorn, David Park and Elmer Bischoff, continues to paint solitary figures and objects which captivate us with their rich earth colors, deeply textured yet balanced brushstrokes, and vibrant spirituality. Oliveira's lone figures (whether in movement or at rest) are so alive that we get the feeling that as soon as we turn away from them, they will continue moving gracefully about their own private worlds. We are momentarily allowed into their intimate realms, but ultimately denied access as we realize that each ethereal figure is at peace with his own solitude. Dedicating this exhibition to Balthus, Oliveira reminds us of the modernist painter in his ability to innovate within a traditional framework. Oliveira paints with no tricks or gimmicks, merely with a talent and passion that are distinctive and singular to the painter himself.