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Bridget Riley


Bridget Riley: The Interactive Character of Color, 1970-2014, published on the occasion of the artist’s 2016 solo exhibition at Berggruen Gallery, features a contemporary and historical selection of Riley’s seminal color paintings and drawings. Presented together as twenty-one beautiful color plates, these works shed light on Riley’s experimentation with color, form, light, and tone. Photographic portraits of the artist throughout her career, as well as detail images of several of the works, augment the catalogue. Riley’s artwork is contextualized and discussed in “The Art of Bridget Riley,” an essay by Michael Bracewell, British writer, novelist and cultural commentator, highly recognized for his contributions to Frieze and The Guardian, his BBC documentaries and his extensive writing about British popular culture, music and art. Rounding out the catalogue is a biographical survey of the artist’s career and a suggested reading list.