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Berggruen Gallery: 50 Years


A unique and profound publication, Berggruen Gallery, 50 Years: 1970–2020 details the rich, storied history of the artworks, exhibitions, individuals, and relationships that have shaped Berggruen Gallery over the last five decades.

The book, a beautiful cloth-bound and slipcased hardcover manuscript 465 pages in length, was made possible by many years of archival research and historical analysis. The landmark publication includes the gallery's chronological exhibition history, a historical art & culture timeline of the Bay Area, essays, interviews, and more. In addition to its robust array of academic content, the publication also contains hundreds of full-color reproductions of important artworks, portraits, installation images, and gallery ephemera. Now, the book in and of itself exists as a monumental piece of Berggruen Gallery history.

Gretchen Berggruen conceived of this ambitious project five years ago. Furthermore, it was her energetic, imaginative, and singular vision that made the gallery what it is today. Berggruen Gallery, 50 Years: 1970–2020 is dedicated to her memory.

Publisher: Berggruen Gallery
Contributors: Gretchen and John Berggruen, Alexander Berggruen, Olivier Berggruen, Steven Nash, and Morgann Trumbull
Publication Date: 2020
Binding: Hardcover, clothbound and slipcased
Dimensions: 9 1/2 x 12 1/4 x 2 inches
Pages: 465
ISBN: 978-0-578-60871-6