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Blue Reading Room
Blue Reading Room 2003 oil on board 30 x 40 inches
Beach House 2003
Beach House 2003 oil on board 30 x 40 inches
Modern Mask Making
Modern Mask Making 2003 oil on board 20 x 30 inches
He Hears Something Again
He Hears Something Again 2003 oil on board 30 x 40 inches
Ils Flottant 2003
Ils Flottant 2003 oil on board 22 x 30 inches
Architect's House 2003
Architect's House 2003 oil on board 30 x 40 inches
Domestic Installation 2003
Domestic Installation 2003 oil on board 24 x 35 inches
Wrapped and Crated
Wrapped and Crated 2003 oil on board 30 x 40 inches

Press Release

Tom McKinley's new paintings, a show entitled Primarily Blue, depict quiet, still, uninhabited spaces. Most of these spaces belong in the interior of someone's home yet they bare no trace of human contact or individuation. An edge of a billiard table, a corner of a pool, a section of a veranda; these spaces are beautiful and unexpected architectural experiences. A rhythm of geometry, pattern, and repeating forms permeate these quiet settings. Light from peripheral windows breathes life into these otherwise inanimate spaces. McKinley paints in a meticulously photorealist style which further heightens the surreal nature of these images.


Born in Bay City, Michigan, Tom McKinkley was educated in both Europe and the United States. Beginning at the Goddard Collage in Vermont, he continued his education overseas in England at the Falmouth School of Art, the Ravensbourne College of Art, London, and Brighton Polytechnic. Currently, McKinley is living and working in the San Francisco area.