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 Patrick Faulhaber,

Patrick Faulhaber

Larry's, 2010

Oil on wood panel

5 x 8 1/2 inches


Patrick Faulhaber, who is a lifelong resident of Dallas, Texas, paints everyday scenes set in urban and rural landscapes usually capturing the "transitional moment" at twilight or dusk. He chooses regional landmarks as subjects such as movie theatres and diners with neon signs and glowing fluorescent interiors. The intimate size of his realist paintings force the viewer to step in close to the work to examine the meticulously detailed paintings which are often mistaken for color photographs, even close up. While his work could be defined as photorealist – so precise and accomplished is his painting technically – these miniature, meticulous renderings of motels, carnivals, bars, burger joints, taco stands and liquor stores are instead psychologically arresting and imbued with emotional nuance. Faulhaber achieves this affect by devoting himself to the exploration of his medium's expressive potential, controlling his color and brush to represent even the most evanescent effects of light on matter.