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James Hugonin makes paintings composed of marks of close toned color with an underlying grid, each mark shifting slightly from its neighbor and building to a rhythmic whole. These are deeply subtle paintings with an understated clarity: quietly musical and filled with a kind of contained light that relates keenly to the place in which they are made. There is a slow and deliberate color notation that forms an integral part of the making of each work.

As Michael Harrison (Former Director of Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge) observed, “the paintings carry with them that pace, that slowness, that sense of time. They ask us to slow down, and to look, and to settle as we would listen to a piece of music, allowing time to take effect – to acknowledge that, for all their quietness and stillness, our relationship to them is one of continual change”.

James Hugonin’s work has been exhibited widely and is included in many collections including the Arts Council of England, the National Gallery of Wales, the Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.